Be My Friend and I’ll Give You a Pizza

I don’t have the resources to give away things to have people become my friends on Facebook. Papa John’s Pizza, on the other hand, will gladly give you a free pizza if you become its friend on the popular social networking site. Facebook users who become a Friend of Papa John’s will receive a coupon good for a free medium cheese purchase with the purchase of a medium pizza. You have to act fast, though. The offer expires December 1.

What’s the motive? Perhaps it is competition as Pizza Hut has unveiled a Facebook application that enables users to order from Pizza Hut online without ever leaving Facebook. Online sales are a rapidly growing channel for both Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. The Papa John’s offer focuses on the online channel as the coupon is good only for online ordering. Or, maybe Papa John’s is doing what Cnet blogger Justin Yu claims: “bulking up skinny nerds.”

In either case, marketing on social networks is another example of exploring ways to reach customers where they are. This outreach has to be balanced against coming across as being intrusive. Or, in the case of Papa John’s, some people might be insulted to think that Papa John’s is trying to buy its friendship with a medium pizza. I’m not insulted; I for one will enjoy my free cheese pizza!

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Author: Don Roy

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2 thoughts on “Be My Friend and I’ll Give You a Pizza”

  1. Brilliant!! Building a brand this way instead of paying for advertisements is so much better! Not only are they saving money, but they’re going to get a high return from this. It’s not like junk mail, everybody who signs up IS going to buy to, it’s the whole reason. Smooth move Papa John’s!

  2. This is a great way for Papa John’s to market their product. Who is going to turn down a free pizza? It will also help the company introduce more and more marketing campaigns through Facebook, and all of their new found friends! I think that there are always different types of risks when you try something “outside of the box”, but in this case it seems like a winning idea.

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