Dialing for Dollars Using Mobile Marketing

How many ways can your customers buy from you? The late 1990s saw the spread of the Internet as a commercial platform, and the late 2000s could be ushering in the next significant platform: mobile marketing. Papa John’s has launched a mobile marketing program that enables registered users to create order preferences and set payment options. Orders can be placed by texting Papa John’s.

Will text message ordering become the new standard for customers doing business with Papa John’s or any other retailer that adopts the platform? Probably not anytime soon. But, mobile marketing opens up possibilities beyond accepting customer orders such as being able to send coupons and other offers to customers without buying media time or space. Coming up with new ways for customers to make purchases represents potential incremental revenues that cannot be ignored. Link

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Author: Don Roy

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1 thought on “Dialing for Dollars Using Mobile Marketing”

  1. I think it’s a bad thing to be able to order pizza via text messages. For one, its very convenient. Say you’re a student and you’re in class, the class doesn’t end for another 30 minutes and you know you will be hungry by then and you’re in charge of dinner. Texting to order a pizza as an opion will come in handy, you don’t even have to leave class to make a call. Plus, using cell phones that way gives Papa John’s the option of sending special promotions to those who sign up. This could create popularity for Papa John’s, especially with the college crowd. Texting to order things could easily become very significant some day.

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